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The Insider’s Guide to Buying A Home

Temecula locals love Biggs Real Estate Professionals because

we make things so simple, they feel like a VIP.

Many ask our advice on how they should go about looking for their home, how to avoid headaches, and for the best way to get a great deal, so here it is!

1. Check the listings 2. Get the Right Pre-Approval 3. Choose a Biggs Realtor 4. Find Your Dream Home


Check The Listings

Actually this isn’t really the first step, but everyone does it, so you may as well have some fun and see what beautiful properties are available and get a feel for what your criteria is. What areas do you like? Whether you need to be close to a school, and so on. But don’t start visiting open homes yet! Follow the next three steps so that you have the best chance of securing your dream property when you find it!


Get the Right Pre-Approval

Nothing is more heart-wrenching than finding the perfect home, only to miss out on a loan approval or being forced to accept the wrong loan terms for you. Did you know many contracts will specify a 30 day settlement, but most lenders take 45 days to approve finance? It’s not the best way to secure the best terms.

Pre-approval is crucial to securing a happy ending, so speak to a Biggs mortgage broker to ensure you secure the best deal. With deep industry knowledge and exceptional finance company negotiation skills, Biggs will go to bat for you and get you the best financing to go house hunting with.


Choose a Biggs Realtor

Pick an agent with the strengths and personality you’re looking for. Biggs realtors cover a wide range of needs and markets, from first-home buyers, property investors, and mortgage approvals. Find a match that suits you.


Find Your Dream Home

With a pre-approval in your back pocket and a great agent by your side, you’re ready to join the thousands of happy Biggs clients who have secured their home with superior leverage and minimal stress. Start searching with your helpful Biggs realtor and we promise locating your next property will be a joyful and fulfilling experience.

Any Questions?

Speak to our friendly staff to find out more about common home loan terms, the different types of home loans available, and about the application process.